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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Ugly Afghan

Please, I don't inundate me with hate mail.  Growing up with an older generation everyone I knew had an ugly Afghan.  What?!?! You know those knit blanket type thingy's that someone made or bought at a garage sale.

My lovely wife attended Michigan State University (go Sparty!) and had 3 suite mates.  Apparently, all 4 ladies owned an ugly Afghan and they would use them to survive the stressful times of university.  How would they do it?  The titled it The Ugly Afghan Laugh.

They would grab their ugly Afghans, lie down and start to laugh - even if they didn't feel like it.  Well that's when they needed it the most.  "Hey Marie, I've had a crappy day.  Dr. Johnson loaded me down with 100 pages of reading for the bore John Maynard Keynes and I have a double tonight at the cafeteria."

Down on the floor they'd go and like popcorn the laughter would start:

"Ha - Ha"
"He He"
"ha, ha, ha, he, he, he"
"wooo hoo, hee hee hee"

Before you know it they'd have full blown belly laughs going on.  She brought that peculiar custom into our home and shared with my our daughter.  Isn't it amazing how much better we feel when we simply laugh?

Laughter is good medicine, it costs nothing, is fat-free and sets us free from anxiety and stress.  Now, that's a heart-healthy prescription that any of us can follow!

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