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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Gift of a Wake Up Call

Anyone remember life before cell phones?  Remember going to a hotel and actually requesting a wake up call from the front desk clerk? Do you recall that time they DIDN'T provide the wake up call and you overslept and maybe missed an important meeting?

I was reading the Happy Herbivore today and she made a comment that really impacted me, "You've been given the gift of a wake up call."  She was speaking of someone that had a "mild" heart attack rather than a massive heart attack.  I like that comment, "You've been give the gift of a wake up call."  It's positive, it's forward thinking, and it provides hope. Unfortunately not everyone get's that gift.

According to Alan Gertler, M.D., "Half of the men that die of coronary heart disease have no previous symptoms, and he also claims, "The first manifestation of a heart problem oftentimes is sudden death."  In other words, they didn't get the wake up call.  In all fairness, not everyone that receives the "wake up" call actually makes use of it.  Some continually hit the snooze button until time expires.  And it's sad.  And unnecessary.  And expensive.  And selfish.

Selfish? Yes, selfish.  Ignoring sound nutritional advice in order to live a hedonistic lifestyle is selfish. Choosing a daily cheeseburger and fries when arteriosclerosis is confirmed is selfish.  Children, grandchildren, and spouses deserve to have pleasant memories of their loved ones.

Imagine celebrating the first person in your family to reach 100!  Wow!  Now that's a way to alter a family tree.  If you've received the "wake up" call recently make some adjustments.  Here are 7 things that you can start doing that will benefit your heart.

  1. Walk (how long is up to you.  Just do it!)
  2. Get and Read Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman 
  3. Eat a HUGE salad everyday 
  4. Eat more fresh fruit daily (any type or kind)
  5. Introduce beans into your daily diet 
  6. Pray, meditate, or commune with nature
  7. Laugh 
What would you add? 

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