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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

P90X Still has Legs

The evolution of my foray into getting my fat ass off the couch and into shape began with the book Body 4 Life.  Remember that one?  It was a good start for me.  It didn't get bogged down in the weeds and had a positive and upbeat message.  I had a tough time believing some of the stories and testimonials but over the past 10 years I've realized the human body can accomplish remarkable things.

I slowly began to change my eating habits.  It was a slow and meticulous process but I didn't quit.  My brother and I went to a local gym and began to follow the Body 4 Life exercise regime and that's when I realized I wasn't in good shape at all.  I did that for awhile and began to develop some improved strength and eating habits.

I next went to P90 which was Tony Horton's big splash for Beachbody.  I really like it - it was simple and worked the entire body.  I particularly liked the ab workout (better than the one with P90X).  I continued to refine my diet and then was bit by the P90X bug!

Yes, I fell hook line and sinker.  It was brutal, nasty, difficult but somewhat compelling. I remember the first time I did Plyo X I was certain that I was going to d - i - e! I began working out so intensely I would often turn down junk food.  I'd tell myself, "Tim, you've worked too hard to give it all up for a paczki!" I finally was able to complete 10 pulls ups at time (when I started 1 was a struggle!) and made remarkable gains on other area as well.

I never experienced the phenomenal results that others did (testimonial people) but was satisfied with my results.  Now I go back to the DVD's on a regular basis.  I'm doing a hybrid P90X workout currently.  I'm following the lifting exercises on M-W-F and doing cardio (bike or run) on T - TH and Yoga on Saturday or Sunday.

I can honestly say the purchase price of $139 has been worth it.  Great value and I'm still using it many, many years after the original purchase. My heart has improved, I have some decent muscle tone, and I'm definitely much more flexible than ever before.

Now what about Insanity???

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