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Monday, January 13, 2014

Healthy W8 Challenge

I'm certain many companies and groups have started "dump the plump" or "biggest loser" types of competitions for employees.  My employer is sponsoring one called "Healthy W8 Challenge."  The goal, in a nutshell, is to lose a pound per week for the 8 weeks, increase hydration, increase exercise, and begin to track our calorie intake.

My work schedule is hectic like everyone else.  I typically leave home at 4:15 am and return home around 8:45 a.m. (don't ask!).  The good thing is that I have an onsite gym I can use when I'm not being l-a-z-y.  Maybe it's a crutch but having these types of structure events helps me to stay on task.

My initial weigh-in revealed that I have (ahem) room for improvement.  I'm 1.0% over on BMI (Body Mass Index), 1.3% over on PBF (percentage of body fat), on the wrong side of weight, and body fat mass.  So I guess I can only go up (or down?!?) from here!

Since taking on this new job (with the hectic schedule) I've put on about 15 pounds and they need to go.  I was training for a sprint triathlon and stopped being as diligent with exercising.  Lots of excuses.  Hopefully this contest will be a good accountability partner.

Wish me well!

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