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Thursday, January 9, 2014


US News and World Reports annually ranks the best "diets" and the most recent installment had DASH diet (actually 4 years running) as the best and the Paleo as the worst.  The DASH diet focuses primarily on reducing hypertension (a good thing) and the Paleo diet's main aim is to eat like our ancient ancestors.  I'm sure both have good and bad points just like anything.  As one of my college professor's used to drill into us "our weaknesses are strengths taken to an extreme." 

Over the next year I'm going to tout the health benefits of eating a plant based diet - which strangely was absent from the US News and Word Report's findings.  I'm not a doctor, a nutritionist or a registered nurse.  I'm simply someone that has realized the benefits of adopting a lifestyle of eating plants and would like to spread the good news and maybe help someone in the process. 

I hope you enjoy and will visit often. 

Peace & Carrots, 

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