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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday = Cooking Day

Cooking is something that typically gives me pleasure.  My work weeks are insane (I leave home at 4:15 am and return at 8:30 PM) so I do my best to prep meals on Sunday for the entire week.  Here is my menu for this week and how it's prepped for easy implementation:

Monday: Stir Fry - chopped 1 bok choy, 1 red bell pepper, 3 crowns of broccoli, .25 pound of sugar snap peas, 1 package cremini mushrooms, and half pound of carrots.

Tuesday: Cooked a pot of potato and leek soup.  Freeze it and simply thaw and gently reheat and serve with a side salad.

Wednesday - Cooked a pot of white chili.  Same as Tuesday.

Thursday - Cuban Black Bean Soup with Cuban sandwiches.  Cooked the pot of soup and froze it.  The carnivorous portion of my family with eat them with the Cuban sandwiches.

Friday - to be honest I was supposed to make gumbo but ran out of time.  Good thing my okra is frozen!

Salad Base - I always keep a few gallon ziploc bags of salad on hand.  This consists of 3 heads of Romaine lettuce,a 10 ounce bag of baby spinach, small head of purple cabbage, and a bag of rainbow salad (broccoli, cauliflower, and shredded carrots).  This base is easily added to "invent" unique salad ideas.

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