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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ignorance is Not Bliss (It can be Fatal)

Lies repeated long enough eventually become known as "truth".  Take for example any politician.  They speak in sound bites of half-truths and what they continually repeat, regardless of its ridiculousness, it  eventually is accepted as gospel.  It's no different when discussing the benefits of a plant based diet.

People are convinced that humans require 100's of grams of protein per day.  Ironically, I've never heard of anyone being protein deficient from a doctor report.  The myth is further perpetuated with the belief that protein is only found in animal products. Spinach, when compared to steak in a calorie to calorie test, has more protein.

The belief that osteoporosis (brittle bones) is a result of insufficient milk intake is another crazy lie.  The countries that consume the most milk have the highest incidence of broken hips.  Collards, garlic, broccoli, and even oranges contain calcium!

These are just a few of the untruths that must be combatted.  It's amazing to me when I discuss my eating (just talking not proselytizing) how they feel inclined to give me unwanted advice on how I'm crazy and need meat, eggs, cheese, dairy, and other things.

Having facts available at least gives me (and you) a counter argument or discussion.  Some people simply do not care about facts or logic.  Others do and I will simply focus on those people looking for answers.

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